We have many interesting places for you to visit!

Tenino Depot Museum

Tenino station, located in Tenino, Washington, was built by the Northern Pacific Railway in 1914 along the mainline from Portland, Oregon to Tacoma, Washington. The depot is rectangular in shape and is made out of the local sandstone.
Located at 399 W. Park Ave Tenino, WA 98589


**The Quarry House is currently closed for refurbishment and upgrades.**

The Quarry House began life as the corporate headquarters of a local sandstone quarry, but is now Tenino's Community Center.

Located at 399 W. Park Ave Tenino, WA 98589


**The Quarry Pool is currently closed for Refurbishment**

Legend has it that quarrymen struck a spring that quickly filled the pit with water. As the water flooded the area, the workmen had to abandon their equipment and machinery. To this day, tools and heavy machinery still sit at the bottom of the site.
Located at 399 W. Park Ave Tenino, WA 98589


Wolf Haven International, previously known as Wolf Country and Wolf Haven America, is a wolf sanctuary and 501 non-profit organization headquartered in Tenino, Washington.
Located at 111 Offut Lake Rd SE, Tenino, WA 98589


Monarch Sculpture Park

Monarch Contemporary Art Center and Sculpture Park is an outdoor art gallery located along the Chehalis Western Trail near Tenino, in southern Thurston County, Washington. Opened in 1998 by sculptor Myrna Orsini as "a gift to the community," the 80-acre park features sculpture gardens.
Located at 8431 Waldrick Rd SE, Tenino, WA 98589


Stone Carvers "The Shed"

Visit this collective of stone craftsmen and artists at “The Shed” located in the heart of Tenino.
Located at 147 Olympia St N, Tenino, WA 98589


Millersylvania State Park

Conveniently located between Olympia and Centralia, this large, well-visited park beckons to adults and children alike.

Many of the park structures, including the kitchen shelters, were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) in the 1930s, making the park a great place to see and admire the hallmark artisanship of that era. Located at 12245 Tilley Road S. Olympia, WA 98512


Offut Lake

Offut Lake is open year-round. Sport fishing is good for stocked rainbow trout, cutthroat trout (pictured), and the occasional brown trout. Home of the Offut Lake Resort and The Lady of the Lake Restaurant where you can rent paddleboats and other watercraft to enjoy the entire lake!
Located at Offut Lake Rd off Old Hwy 99 SE, Tenino, WA 98589