Beautify Downtown Tenino!

The Tenino Planning Commission believes that the highest potential for economic development and business development in the City of Tenino (in the short-term) is in the historic downtown of the community. The pamphlet of concepts presented below is meant to identify methods to attract more visitors to the downtown, encourage more business activity, and enhance the quality of place on the community’s main street.

Downtown Development Pamphlet

While these concepts include a number of large projects, several are meant to illustrate small, simple concepts that could improve downtown through the efforts of interested citizens or businesses. These concepts (such as holding a temporary event in downtown, installing a way-finding sign, or creating a place for a visitor or resident to sit) could be completed at minimal cost and contribute to the overall character and vitality of the area.

Vision: The vision behind each of these concepts is the creation of a vibrant pedestrian-oriented business district that builds on and respects the historic character of downtown Tenino.

Strategy: To reach this vision, the Tenino Planning Commission believes that it is essential to build on the distinct advantages of Tenino to encourage more residents near the downtown, more visitors to the downtown, and more businesses in the downtown. These distinct advantages (or things that are unlike any other community) include:


    1. Tenino’s historic sandstone architecture, some of which was quarried less than three blocks from the buildings where it was used.
    2. The City Park, which is large for a community the size of Tenino and is located a short distance from downtown. This park includes the Quarry Pool, the Tenino Depot Museum, large Sandstone blocks quarried from the former Tenino Sandstone Company quarry, and play equipment for children. The park also connects to miles of trails through property owned by the Creekside Conservancy (the organization formerly known as the Heernet Environmental Foundation).
    3. The Yelm Tenino Bike Trail, which is 14 miles long and connects to an additional 22 miles of dedicated trails and nearby rural roads appreciated by cyclists.


Goals: Three goals inform the concepts within this packet. These goals are:

    1. To get more people in downtown. More people support more business.
    2. To enhance the quality of place in downtown. A nice place attracts people.
    3. To anticipate future parking issues. People need places to park.

For information about downtown beautification please complete the form below and we will contact you with upcoming opportunities.